Convention Hotels

UPDATE SEPT. 9, 2013

Our allotment of rooms at the official JEA/NSPA convention hotels — the Sheraton Boston and the Hilton Back Bay — is beginning to dwindle. If you have made reservations, or are hoping to make reservations, please note:

1) If you have already booked your rooms, please take a moment now to review your reservations and make sure you will use all of the rooms you have booked. If you have overbooked, please cancel your unneeded rooms ASAP so they can be returned to the block for other attendees to use.

2) If you need rooms, your first calls should be to the Sheraton or the Hilton to see if rooms have been canceled and are now available. It takes some time for canceled rooms to be put back in our block, but we do recommend calling as the phone reservations are usually faster at identifying available rooms than the websites.

3) If the Sheraton and Hilton are still unavailable, please contact A Room With A View for information on the designated JEA/NSPA overflow hotels. A Room With A View will secure the lowest rates at hotels convenient, either by distance or by public transportation, to the Hynes Convention Center. In the event that rooms become available at Sheraton or Hilton hotels due to cancellations, A Room With A View will notify conference attendees and help transfer reservations back to the Sheraton and Hilton hotels in the order in which they were booked. A Room With A View can be reached at 1-800-780-4343.

To take full advantage of the convention, delegates who live outside the Boston metro area are encouraged to stay at one of the sanctioned and officially designated JEA/NSPA convention hotels: the Sheraton Boston Hotel and the Hilton Boston Back Bay.

Please realize that even though an Oct. 22, 2013, deadline for reservations has been set, neither the hotels nor JEA/NSPA can guarantee availability.

Room reservations must be guaranteed with a deposit by a check or credit card for one night’s room and tax. Purchase orders may be used to secure rooms but not for final payment. Please bring all checks for total amounts due when you arrive at the hotel to check in.

Please do not book more rooms than you know you will need. Even if you cancel early, the hotels are not obligated to return rooms to the convention block. This may mean other delegates would have to pay more for their rooms in a convention hotel or that we would not “meet the block” which could affect the cost of this and future conventions. Convention officials suggest you make hotel reservations well in advance of the Oct. 22 deadline. After this date, the hotel may release rooms being held for the convention room block to the general public.

As always, there is a limited number of rooms in each configuration. If the hotel is fully booked when your reservation arrives, you will be contacted concerning alternative hotels. JEA/NSPA cannot guarantee availability of overflow housing and do not provide transportation between the convention center and overflow hotels.

If there are any questions or issues in securing reservations, please contact JEA at Any new information about hotels will be linked on this page as it becomes available.


Sheraton Boston
39 Dalton St., Boston, MA 02115
Room Rates: $199/night single/double/triple/quad occupancy, plus 12.45 percent tax per room, per night.
Reservation deadline: Oct. 22, 2013
Online reservations link:
Phone: 888-627-7054, reference JEA/NSPA NHSJC Convention





Hilton Back Bay
40 Dalton St., Boston, MA 02115
Room Rates: $219/night single/double occupancy; $239/night triple/quad occupancy, plus 12.45 percent tax per room, per night.
Reservation deadline: Oct. 22, 2013
Online reservations link:
Phone: 617-236-1100, reference NSPA/JEA Fall National Convention



Hilton Boston Back Bay