Issue Seminars

Issue Seminars are designed to gather the resources that help you succeed as reporters. With two hours to explore, students will meet the experts and those with first-hand experience and then spend time developing strategies to use this information and localize further for their own school media.

Off-campus Speech: Where are the lines, and how are they being blurred? 

When students are not in school, things they say or post online increasingly have implications for life within the school’s walls, and courts are struggling to define the parameters of free speech as technology changes with lightning speed. Hear from a First Amendment lawyer, an anti-bullying advocate, and others about the current state of the law and what resources are available as you produce stories for your own publications.

Privacy in the Internet Era:What are the implications for today’s teens?

The sheer volume of life that is conducted online requires that those who grow up today lose a certain amount of privacy. From Facebook and Instagram to government data mining, corporations and government agencies have unprecedented access to our private information – and, in many cases, they’ve used it to make our lives more convenient and efficient. How much of a problem is this surrender of privacy? How could student journalists write stories about these issues to help their readers understand them? A representative from the MIT Immersion Lab and a spokesperson for the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood, among others, explore the implications of these questions and more.